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Sunday Brunch

Available from 11am-3pm


Turkey & Dressing

Cream Style Corn

Green Beans

Sweet Tater Souffle

Fatback / Fried Green Tomatoes

Tater Salad

Salad Bar

Ice Cream

Southern Fried Chicken

Macaroni and Cheese Pie

Fried Okra

Rice & Gravy

Yeast Rolls

Deviled Eggs & Pear Salad

Dessert Bar




Iced Tea (Sweet and Unsweetened)



Juice: Orange Juice and Apple Cider


Served Hot or Cold

Milk (Whole, Chocolate, or Buttermilk)


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Twist, Dr. Pepper, Mnt. Dew and, Root Beer


Coffee (Regular or Decaffeinated)



Homemade Lemonade


Hot Tea and Hot Chocolate


Honoring Our Veterans, and Military with a 15% Discount. Senior Citizens Discount 15%.